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Title: MIA... AWOL... Whatever.
Post by: Solo on Wed, Sep 14, 2005, 04:18
Hey all...  sorry for being out of the loop on EVERYTHING at such a crucial time, but EVERYTHING is going WRONG with my migration.   :N  I'm struggling to get my act together, but...  :Y  Life is life, and though it's infinitely better now that I'm out of the US, it's still life in another part of the world where folks LOVE crappy USA television programs and say "nine,eleven" when everywhere else in the world would refer to that date as "eleven,nine (11/9)" but leave it to America to mess up everything.  Remember this one????  "We're going metric everyone!"   :W  Gawd, we're dumb. 

Anyway, I'm gonna go play on the beach and wave my ass around cause I haven't figured out how else to make friends here yet.  Heheheh.... 
Title: Re: MIA... AWOL... Whatever.
Post by: Mogul on Wed, Sep 14, 2005, 17:57

so you are in Australia now? Congratulations, that was quick! What on earth went wrong with the migration? I hope you will settle the difficulties soon. Be cautious with sharks and jelley-fishes, they were reported to be particularly aggressive! =))

Title: Re: MIA... AWOL... Whatever.
Post by: Solo on Fri, Sep 16, 2005, 13:22
Heh...  Drama, drama, drama!!!  If Immigration weren't bad enough, my one "friend" in Australia turns out to be a total crackhead, literally.  *forced laugh*  So after settling in, I get to settle in all over again.  If it's not one thing, it's another.  Cest la vie!  Now I'm listening to a song about "Having a Bad Day" for the as;dfj;alsdjfILLIONTH time and I'm going to go nuts if I have to endure anymore, so I'm outta here.  Internet Cafes...  they're a hit or miss, ya know???  Okay, kiddo...  much luvz~
Solo, the Strike Out Queen Down Under...  (pun intended)
Title: Re: MIA... AWOL... Whatever.
Post by: Mogul on Fri, Sep 16, 2005, 15:05
Well, WHAT did you expect, man? You are in a land of ANTIPODES now, so it's clear that everything and everybody stands with the legs UPWARDS! =))

Seriously, RELAX! You could find yourself on HEAVEN while a tropical storm is passing over your 6-feet high islet! =))

Good luck,