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Title: The Member Map!
Post by: Vizier on Sat, Apr 30, 2005, 04:20
Hello and welcome to our Forum!

The Member Map is a useful feature designed to allow potential and existing members to locate where each member lives at a glance.

This means you must place a pin on the main map, or, better yet, on your specific country map.

To begin, click on the Member Map button at the top of the page below the Search window.

You will be taken to the Member Map page.  Follow the link there to place your own pin.  Do so by selecting your own country.  In some countries, you may choose a larger-scale map by selecting your own state or province.  This will help you to place your pin more accurately and not place a pin you meant to place on, for example, London in Edinburgh by mistake!   :D

When you are viewing the member map, use the same procedure:  From the drop-down list box, scroll to the country you wish to see, e.g., Germany.  There you will see that there are several members and where they are located.

Simple and easy! Happy pinning and shoot for accuracy!