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Title: 18 m B Russian.
Post by: Evgueni Debacker on Thu, Jul 10, 2008, 17:32
I'm 18 in Russia. B.

BTW... hello to all first of all... but can I ask... why GLR? Why not the "State of GLBT"?

Just wondering...

P. S. Since I was quite young, I imagined "GLBT passport" in my hands one day. Then I remembered this as a made idea - I was insane. Now I found GLR, and I'm VERY happy!  :R
Title: Re: 18 m B Russian.
Post by: Mogul on Thu, Jul 10, 2008, 22:19

The whole thing was initially designed for all the "GLBT" folks right from the beginning. In the course of time, various ideas turned up, and certain questions arised concerning the common interest of all the "letters" in the abbreviation. Basically, what used to be "Gay" in the 70th, turned into "GLBTIQQA & Friends" with time. Since Lesbians will probably prefer to remain linguistically distinguished from Gay men, the most sound alternative to the insane letter soup was "Gay and Lesbian" with the option for the Bisexuals and Trans people to identify as Gay, if they wish so.

The declared policy is to establishl a kind of "homocracy" while at the same time offering protection to ALL of the "LGBT" folks who need it.