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Title: Have Kids That Haven't Seen Star Wars Yet??
Post by: Solo on Tue, Jul 26, 2005, 02:13
Do you expose a kid to the Star Wars Epic: Chronologically (by the SW's Timeline) OR by the Features' Release Dates (the way 99.9999999% of the masses have seen it)?  Just something for you to consider (because when you're more thoughtful to children and the choices you make on their behalf, you're more likely to be better parents that raise happier and healthier children):

1) Watch the most common way, in sequence by date of release - knowing Darth Vader's demise all the while; as well as somewhat spoiling the opportunity to see an honest reaction to the saga leading 'Young Ani', a promising hero under a person's constant scrutinies who will anticipate the inevitaable failure in Anakin Skywalker's character.


2) Would you have this kid watch this series in sequential order as they took place in the Star Wars Timeline? (...allowing the child to identify with Young Anakin Skywalker, cheering him on and in essence, bonding with Anakin while watching the character’s development, ultimately to be betrayed by him in the end, and Anakin having never attained redemption.) 

It's my real hope to give those of you who are courageous enough to take on the responsibility of child-rearing, your own points of reference on how to deal with other issues that may play a vital role in the development of a child.  Is there Santa?  Or is the truth more important?  How big does a 'fib' have to become before it is no longer a fib, or even a white lie?  Is there a way to bestow flights of fancy, magic and mystery without lying?  I think so...  but that's just me.

-Professor Solo, who wonders why he bothered with Abnormal Psychology when the "Norm" is freaky enough by itself.   ;)
Title: Re: Have Kids That Haven't Seen Star Wars Yet??
Post by: Mogul on Tue, Jul 26, 2005, 07:59
Hell, I would suppose the kids in question would not ask my advice in such topics... ;D They surelly would better enjoy to spend their time with their friends and not with mapa (hybris of "mama" and "papa"). Kids which I know would kick me when I would try to tell them what they should see in what order.. May be they would better start with the book?
Title: Re: Have Kids That Haven't Seen Star Wars Yet??
Post by: Solo on Tue, Jul 26, 2005, 10:16
Nah...  kids are too stupid to decide for themselves.  You gotta tell 'em.  BWHAHAHAHAAHHA!!!  I love the notion of kids, as they apply to others.  And I like 'em, on TV, or in my imagination... but I gotta tell you the truth.  In real life...   SOLO F*C&!NG HATES KIDS!!!  I HATE 'EM!!!    I've hated 'em since I was one myself.  *sigh*  But they sure are *CUTE* as buttons on post cards and milk boxes.  Tee hee!