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 on: Thu, Apr 08, 2010, 01:13 
Started by Leoroc - Last post by Feral
Thanks for the Facebook group.  ;D

According to the board's statistics, there were some 12,000 page views last month. While there has been little to no active discussion for some time, several worthwhile topics receive daily attention.

 on: Wed, Apr 07, 2010, 21:19 
Started by Leoroc - Last post by Leoroc
I am unsure how many still read this board, but I started up a facebook group for those interested.

You can just search Gay Homeland or it's at

 on: Mon, Feb 08, 2010, 05:12 
Started by Mogul - Last post by Feral
For those into comparative text analysis, the following text might be interesting as well: The Jewish State by Dr. Theodor Herzl.

Huh. Pink is a striking color.

 on: Mon, Feb 01, 2010, 12:14 
Started by Mogul - Last post by Mogul
Well then... I have requested some info from Mr. Graham about the book. He promised to send me a copy of the new edition, but didn't answer questions on whereabouts of the previous 2 printings (2007 and 2008).

However, the interested reader can at least read the preface of his book:

For those into comparative text analysis, the following text might be interesting as well: The Jewish State by Dr. Theodor Herzl.

 on: Wed, Jan 27, 2010, 09:13 
Started by Mogul - Last post by Feral
The vistaprint directory listing of the web site offers this:

Description:   The Gay State began as an internationally best selling book devoted to Gay equallity. Since 2007, a movement began to create the world's first Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender nation-state that would grant the Gay community freedom and liberty.

Brands:   Sales of the 2010 re-edited, revised and third printing of the best selling, The Gay State, from the online gift shop, a variety of gift & novelty items, casual apparel, sports apparel & travel gear.

Year Established:   2007

From what I've read, I believe the book was, in fact, self-published in 2007 and was sold through this web site. (I have found a reference to one of the site's domain names from January of 2007.) I don't know if it was ever sold elsewhere. Assuming all goes as planned for the author, the book should be available later this year. I'll set aside my skeptical nature for the time being because the book will obviously be able to speak for itself and any doubts about it now would be complete speculation.

 on: Sun, Jan 24, 2010, 07:12 
Started by Mogul - Last post by Feral
Is it possible that we missed a monumental work being on the market?

It is, of course, possible. I do not, for example, know the name of the publisher. I have no clue as to the book's ISBN. Never mind knowing its price or where it might be purchased. I find that strange. I find it stranger that someone might seek to publicize such a work without mentioning any of these details. It's stranger still that there don't seem to be any older press releases floating about. I wouldn't think that this would be a very workable marketing strategy. But then, this is the very picture of how a three-year-old book can go through two printings without me being able to find a single detail about it. Sure. That would do it.

I'll look around a bit. I'm afraid I can hear the evening breeze rustling the cocos groves of Cato, though. It's a lovely sound... the evening breeze in the palm fronds. Sadly, it is not cooling, this evening breeze in the palms. Not one bit. More's the pity, the coconuts... they leave much to be desired. That's fine, though. I do not care for coconut. This book would, however, be just the thing to read while lounging in the shade of the cocos groves of Cato.

 on: Fri, Jan 22, 2010, 10:29 
Started by Mogul - Last post by Mogul
Today I was stunned to read a press-release announcing that a book with a title "The Gay State" by Garrett Graham is avaiting its third edition. The book is reported to be "an international best seller that began a world-wide movement". Is it possible that we missed a monumental work being on the market? Unfortunately, I was unable to find any references to the book on the Internet beyound the aforementioned press-release and the website of the author. Does any one have additional informations? 


Momentum for Global Gay Independence Movement Continues To Grow. Garrett Graham’s Best Seller, "The Gay State" To Be Re-Released.

"The Gay State: The Quest For An Independent Gay Nation-State And What It Means To Conservatives And The World's Religions" is an international best seller that began a world-wide movement. Negotiations to the political platform are underway to maintain the expressed support of Conservatives, the world's religious leaders and the global Gay leadership so that the Gay Solution to the Gay Question and what some have called the Gay Problem, can be resolved in a way that all parties win by securing a free, independent territory for the international Gay community.

New York, NY, USA (PRWEB) January 22, 2010 -- In 2009, the world witnessed the relentless and continuing assault of Gays around the globe. Murders, executions, imprisonment and beatings of members of the Gay, Lesbian and Transgender community increased internationally. The beheading of Gays even reached the US, which saw LGBT hate crimes spike by eleven percent in 2008-09.

As a result of the ongoing global persecution, author Garrett Graham is re-releasing his internationally acclaimed book “The Gay State: The Quest For An Independent Gay Nation-State And What It Means To Conservatives And The World’s Religions.” The book, originally written and released in 2007, was followed up with a second printing in 2008. After revisions and re-editing and inclusion of 100-plus pages of new data, a third printing of The Gay State is expected to be released by Spring, 2010. Demand continues to increase, according to Graham’s agent, Dottie Shapiro, with global distribution across five continents.
 The global Gay community wants nothing more than to live in freedom with equality & liberty. We seek only to prosper – or fail, according to our own merit, drive and talent. Instead, we are rooted out for extermination, beatings, shame & imprisonment. 

Graham, who lives in New York, lectures frequently and travels extensively as a Gay equality activist and has researched the question of creating an independent Gay nation. According to Graham, “Gays have lived under brutal oppression for thousands of years. And with the exception of a few liberal pockets of enlightenment, the onslaught of our people mercilessly continues.”

In a telephone interview from London, Graham said “We, as the Gay community are a people – one people, yet we are scattered about in every nation on Earth. Of those 195 nations, 80 of them have made our very existence an illegal act. Even in countries where we are legally allowed to exist, we are rooted out for extermination and subjected to routine violence.”

Graham insists the time for this historic experiment in Gay independence has come. “The global Gay community wants nothing more than to live in freedom with peace and liberty. We seek only to be left to prosper – or fail, according to our own merit, drive and talent.”

Political conservatives and religious leaders have had mixed reactions to the plan for an independent Gay territory, but substantial numbers support the Gay community in establishing their own Gay state. Graham’s response to the clergy was “It may be true that we are strange bedfellows. But conservatives, religious leaders and the Gay leadership all agree that our views are incompatible and by working harmoniously to separate peacefully is in everyone’s interest.”

Often referred to as “the father of the global Gay independence movement,” Graham will continue to give talks on the subject and a book tour will be scheduled in the coming months, according to his agent, Dottie Shapiro. Garrett Graham is available for interviews.

Garrett Graham


 on: Thu, Jan 07, 2010, 01:41 
Started by K6 - Last post by Taljann
Эй! Привет! Да, пожалуй только я бываю? )))   Загляну на днях тоже))

 on: Wed, Aug 12, 2009, 08:34 
Started by K6 - Last post by Taljann
Привет! Я давно не заглядывал...) Но кажется и с маленьким гос-вом "напряжёнка" ))) Ну всё же думаю дело не бесперспективное. Тут вариантов много. И всё упирается в деньги - наверно, главным образом, не взятки...
Даже если предположить что в каком -то правительстве будет имется один или несколько человек, которые пойдут навстречу, эта идея вызовет протест среди населения и не только по поводу гомофобии но и по сохранению целостности территориальной... А это можно преодолеть только с помощью волюнтаристских мер правительства или наиболее влиятельных его деятелей. В общем мне представляется всё, пока , на грани фола)

 on: Mon, Jun 22, 2009, 21:33 
Started by K6 - Last post by Mogul
Хотя...если будет сильная помощь извне(то есть со стороны какого-то сильного государства), то может и получится... :R

Для начала будет достаточно и маленького дружелюбного государства - где можно зацепится, хотя бы и на время (лет на 50-75). Нам в принципе хватило бы 10 кв.км высокой застройки на первое время - в наше время нет необходимости иметь большой аграрный сектор.

Самое главное, чтобы наши ребята захотели - всё остальное получится, с некоторыми усилиями. 

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