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Author Topic: Gunnar has left us  (Read 2718 times)

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Re: Gunnar has left us
« Reply #2 on: Fri, Sep 09, 2005, 01:45 »

The point is, that Gunnar was advocating freedom of speech and respect for democratic way, but in his behaviour has shown an unbearable disrespect of these particular virtues. He distorted my textes in the forum news section without any notification and when asked to stop these activities just sneered and continued to crush his way throgh the debris. On September 6 he finally deleted my administrative rights without any notification, as he feared I could intervene.

Unlike what Gunnar might believe, nobody was persecuting him for his critics, as critical remarks and arguing over some differences is the most normal thing in a group of people and non of us ever came on the idea to sanction him or somebody else for criticism. On contrary, having an individual and critical opinion is a sign of a mature personality and is appreciated by all means.

Unfortunately, Gunnar obviously believed that goals justify means and therefore tried to enforce his opinions by methods which could not be tolerated on this forum - namely censoreship and massive violation of other people's rights.

To avoid further, possibly more severe damage, we (Peter and me) decided to adjust his administrative rights to those of a Global Moderator - after he cancelled my rights. Gunnar didn't appreciate this decision at all and demanded that his account will be deleted within 24 h - this was performed by Jim finally.

Nonregarding all the differences, I must say that Gunnar has contributed his share for this project in the past and that his input was highly appreciated. I regard his complete withdrawal from the group as regretable. Nevertheless, we could not tolerate this kind of destructive behaviour in the responsible position Gunnar inherited until last days.

Anyone who wishes to contact Gunnar and request his version of the unfortunate developement, shall visit him at his

I wish Gunnar all successes in his work and hope he will understand one day, that we never did wish him any harm.
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Gunnar has left us
« Reply #1 on: Thu, Sep 08, 2005, 23:58 »

Guenter alias Gunnar has chosen to leave the GLR and his wishes have been honored. Contrary to whatever you may hear, his wish to leave us was in no way impeded or ignored, but due to Mogul's travel schedule and a difference between time zones for myself (coupled with other activities here which prevent me from hanging out in this Forum 24/7), we were unable to honor Gunnar's request in the snappy manner in which he expected his account to be deleted. Threats of law suits from him were unneccessary, but should be moot at this point, as his request for disassociation has been complied with.

I am sorry to see Guenter go and am hoping other members will not feel that his departure was forced, as it was not. I wish Guenter good luck with all future endeavors and hope all members of this forum will do the same.

The underlying issue was that Gunnar disagreed with the idea that one administrator does not have the right to change the wording of another's posts and announcements, even if s/he disagrees with the ideas posted in their entirety and Guenter did, on several occasions change the wording of several administrative announcements without obtaining agreements or informing the other administratos of his intent to do so, which is an infraction of our existing rules and regulations, as outlined in the membership agreement each and every member underwrites by accepting our Terms of Service and acknowledges when joining this forum. 

As a result of this problem, we are looking at further methods to ensure democratic discourse and to ensure that misunderstandings of any kind can be avoided wherever possible.

Our goal remains to provide a free forum with discourse, unedited, uncensored and uninhibited, for all.

We hope other members continue to support our cause and will continue to take part in discussions about all aspects of our project.

Having recently escaped the bowels of East Germany, I remain

VIZIER, your exalted yet most humble WebMaster
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