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Author Topic: Kingdom of Fridet  (Read 20416 times)

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Kingdom of Fridet
« Reply #1 on: Mon, Dec 05, 2005, 06:43 »

I think a "Gay Homeland" is not fully possible.  It would be reverse discrimination towards our Hetro friends and families, some that have worked hard in our behalf.  Rather we should create a Kingdom or Republic based on Freedom for All.  A Country that supports Gays worldwide.  A Kingdom where the original King/Queen is Gay/Lesbian.  A Democracy where like mined people without hate, prejudice form a haven for all mankind.   I believe there is more wrong in this world than just Gay Issues, those I think those play centrally in my mind to the surrounding issues.  I believe society has time and time again chosen Money over People in the way it works, and I would work to reverse that.

I am HRH, LJ Kelley of Fridet.  We stand for: Equality for All, Socialism as a tool of Equality, Democracy as a Voice for All.

We can establish this by.  1)Acquiring an Island/Land Mass  2)Moving to this Island/Land Mass  3)Declaring Independence.

For more information visit   Our constitution is not yet finished and We would love feedback and support from the Community.
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