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A queer nation, yes please!

I carry here an intervention posted in another thread of GLR:

I must say that in Italy most people (even gay people) have no idea of what "gay nationalism" is. People often answer about gay ghettos (gay bars, gay discos, gay pride etc.): -have you ever seen a "black pride"? Or a "muslim pride"? Or discos only for blaks and muslims?- Well, in Italy we'e got a "Family day" against "Gay pride" to "fight against the people who wants to destroy the natural society through innatural couples"! Such Family day has been helepd econonmically by teh CEI (Italian Conference of Bishops) and the Holy See.

A gay nations, it's very hard to realize today if we ask a place and not an "extraterritorial nation"... Vatican docet. The Holy See is structured like a true nation but her territory is not significative. Look how they work:
The main organisms are set in Vatican city, then there are manies headquarters in every nation. Why don't use in a smarter way strategies and instruments they used to persecute gay people? A gay man or woman could choose to have "gay nationality" even continuing to live in his/her original country and have full access to "gay national services" in the headquaters of the nation they live... receive help, assitance etc. It would be mainly a diplomacy job so:

1) Being gay AND safe with fully recognized rights would not means move from an homeland and part of the society we belong to. Even who would rexist to the idea of a "gay nation" for such reasons could choose to accept it.
2) Maybe gays are not people for genetically reasons but we have a different way to interact with world and society.
3) Techniques allow us to have children through surrogacy... what the problem is? We an grow our children maybe they wouldn't obtain a gay citizenship if thei're straight. I don't think it would be a problem for them and even for families of gay people who are interested only in keeping tehir son or daughter close to them and see him/her happy.
4-5) Israel is Israel, it's born for a real need and built over a religious pretence. We can find another way to affirm a gay nation. Manies little pieces of lands in manies countries are not like a big piece of land in a single country.
6) To attak a gay nation allocated in manies countries is very very very hard... it could be made only by a worldly agreement between every single nation... it would be possible but in that circumstance we would however be swept away.
7) See n3.
8) Let us choose the best way to fight for our rights, without dening the rights of other people.

Is silly what i say?

Look, there are many ways to be a nation, isn't the Holy See a nation of priests who freely choosed to be part of that society: they have their laws, a sort of hidden citizenship. In Italy Berlusconi is preparing a law to advert the bishop of crimes committed by priests, before the public authority! We can be a nation better than their.

It will take a couple of days for my copy to be delivered, thus I must wait with detailed discussion of Pat's suggestions. Those who can't wait, can read the brief summary of the idea at AutorHouse website. 

I would encourage anyone interested in a discussion of Gay separatism (or even the further development of Gay culture) to purchase a copy of We Don't Need Permission. It is not an expensive book by any means, particularly if it is ordered through AuthorHouse. As Stanskill points out, it is also available through Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

This has got to be the best site I have found yet. Believe me, I have been all over the net marketing my book, We Don't Need Permission: A Proposal for Homosexual Emancipation, by Pat Gaskill, listed on Barnes and Noble, and Borders. Published by AuthorHouse.

In this proposal, I tell my fellow American homosexuals that we should separate from the current union, and take our tax base with us. We won't see political change for us in the U.S. utill we hit the greedy money mongers in the pockets. We don't really have to coagulate in one specific geographic area. Eyes are need everywhere to see that no one is left behind. If we pull our money and resources, we can regulate whatever we choose as a people. Then we will indeed be for the people and by the people.

To grow this further, we can take a stand where we are now. Please go to the AuthorHouse bookstore and type in either the title or author, and read about the book and author for more information.


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