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Who are we?


And, as the things go by, here the current stand of the things:

* Gay Homeland Foundation is an organization dedicated to furtherance of gay national movement and cultural progress of the gay-lesbian community; the administrative center is located in Cologne, Germany. We are investigating the possibilities for establishing of self-administrated LGBT settlements and organizing our people in a souvereign political entity. The Foundation strives to strengthen national feelings among the gay people by popularization of important political material and encouraging the intense study of gay and lesbian history. We issue suitable propaganda material, investigate the legal framework for gay separatist activities and develope non-violent solutions for accomplishing of our goals. All in all, we are performing the preparatory work for the ultimate establishing of the gay state, which we believe is both possible and necessary. The statutes and membership application form can be downloaded from our website
* Free Gay and Lesbian Republic remains one of the "brands" of our movement and symbolizes our distinctive demand for our own country. To serve the information needs of gay separatists community, the website is maintained. [/color]

Nochmal lesen. Schwule sind immer willkommen. Die die nicht inklusiv sondern lieber exklusiv sein wollen sollen sich scheren...  ;D


--- Quote ---people who openly encourage banning [...]discrimination against us
--- End quote ---
(gays) are not wanted in here ? I just wonder. ;)

The GLR is the official voice of the Free Gay and Lesbian Republic, an organization dedicated to the proposition of establishing a free and democratic homeland for GLBT peoples from around the world as well as their family members and supportive str8 friends. We aim to be inclusive rather than exclusive like another little group we all know  ;)!

If you aspire to monarchy, glorified "dungeons and dragons" games and "imperial highnesses" and "secret Darth Vaders" and the like, you may not really feel that comfortable here, although we'll try to make you feel at home no matter who you are!

What we don't encourage and will not tolerate: Bashers, homophobes, religious zealots and proselytyzers, people who believe that being GLBT can be "cured" or needs to be, people who wish us ill or feel that we deserve to die for being who we are, people who openly encourage banning our equal rights or discrimination against us, and those who think that AIDS is a "cure" for us and our kind.  If you belong to any of the aforementioned, you are politely asked to leave this space now and not to return.

Want to learn more or join our cause? Visit and thanks for stopping by!


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