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Author Topic: Propaganda theme for a poster  (Read 16534 times)

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Re: Propaganda theme for a poster
« Reply #2 on: Thu, Apr 13, 2006, 01:19 »

What about some plakate/collage dedicated to the (future) Gay Republic Armed Forces? I am thinking of a couple of SU-35 high in the blue sky, a destroyer on the sea and a tank on the holy soil. A troop of nice-looking lads in uniforms in the front part of the plakate, and a group of construction workers at work in the background.

Unfortunately, I lack any creative skills completely.  :-[ Some gifted painter reading this?
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Propaganda theme for a poster
« Reply #1 on: Sun, Apr 09, 2006, 20:56 »

I,K6,do not know how to draw.I have no artistic talent for that.But here is a scenario for anyone here with talent enough to translate is into a
propaganda poster in favour of gay geopolitical independence:

Two young gays,boyfriends.One caught in a roll of barbed wire,the other trying desperatly to pull him out ot there.About fifty meters behind them,
a series of evil hethro characters - say a couple of border guards,dogs,perhaps one or two skinheads from some fascist militia - arriving,shouting and firing in the air.In front of our two heroes,barely at a few meters,the border marker of a Gay Republic.Title of the poster "Where else they could
go now ?" or "Freedom at hand.Do not abandon this hope of ours for a country of our own".

I know someone in Germany who could draw this dramatic scene.But I want to see first if we have here the artistic talent fort that.

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