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--- Quote from: Feral on Mon, Aug 27, 2007, 21:13 ---I shall look forward to examining this opus once it is published...
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The December 2007 Gayzette announces the new GLK constitution to be presented soon:

--- Quote ---The Constitutional Committee is finalizing our Constitutional document. Our political science consultants in the University of California are finalizing the last proposed revisions of the main body of the document and have sheduled a trial session with the committee to test the logic of the document before the end of January 2008. The process of finishing the various sections of Organic Law is nearly complete. Due to logistical concerns, the completion deadline was extended into the First Quarter of 2008.
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--- Quote from: Feral on Thu, Sep 20, 2007, 22:29 ---One can only speculate on the motives of others.
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Much true. I have looked into the Yahoo group more closely and have discovered that a member can delete his own posts. Well, as for the motivations... Jon might have had his.

One more demonstration for why better not use Yahoo, thoough. And making a backup of the database.

Now there's an idle curiosity for a sunny autumn afternoon. He's been quite removed from the member list as well.

One can only speculate on the motives of others. This does not keep us from doing so though, does it?  O:)

In case someone bothers, all recent messages from Jon Matlick have now disappeared from the GLK Yahoo Message group:

I am really curious on who has deleted them, and for what reason...

Now that nearly 3 years have passed since the GLK made its rounds through the world, we must acknowledge the fact that no substantial proress has been made - substantial in the meaning that nothing nearly resembling a souvereign entity has been made up. I dare to say, however, that the understanding of what ways Gay self-determination can and should take, has advanced.

If GLK leadership need 2 years to set up a constitution, it's entirely in order, provided they will really come up with one. It would help, however, if they would at least re-establish their website. The capabilities of a government are frequently judged in first line in its ability to acknowledge the things as they are. It would thus help much, if they would start to recognize the hard facts and acknowledge that while they truly wish to establish a souvereign entity, they of course are far from being one at the moment.

It would further the process, too, if all of the involved parties would find a way to forget their hurt feelings and return to a reasonable debate on what we all wish to achieve. The ones who were sharply critisized in the past must acknowledge (if only to themselves) that the criticism was largely justified. The critics, in turn, should consider that for things to be moved, there must actually be someone who will move them. The ones who persist in their mistakes are obviously lacking judgement, but those who sit and wait untill something is done by others are no less irrant.


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