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A gay "homeland" is a ridiculous idea


"United we stand. Divided they catch us one by one." -Jose Sarria

I don't think it's right to point something as "ridiculous" without engaging a true discussion on the topic. So, why "ridiculous"? I suggested a way for gay nationalism (,17.0.html) and there are manies others very interesting. Social issues are very important for us, gay people, but we should look on the opportunity to give more strenght to our struggle to obtain full aknowledgment. So before sealing the idea of gay nation as "ridiculous" we must ask ourselves: can it be a good approach to reach our aim?


--- Quote ---"Tell people something they know already and they will thank you for it. Tell them something new and they will hate you for it."
George Monbiot
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Feral on Sun, Jun 29, 2008, 10:52 ---Well, all ideas are "ridiculous" to the extent that they are capable of being ridiculed.
--- End quote ---

Ideas usually run through a certain life-circle, yes... They either become forgotten, or acknowleged for a commonplace with time. The idea contesting the flatness of Earth, the evolution theory -- all of them were "controversial".

The notion of Gays being easily exterminated if gathered in one place has two aspects: the military one and the social one.

The military aspect is simply the fear that a Gay city could become a target for a nuclear bombing (anything else can be dealt with more easily). Clearly, being nuked is a sort of attack which can eradicate any city entirely. And yet this happened only twice in history that this weapon was used. Why so? Because a nuclear strike presupposes three things: a) the ability to produce such a weapon, b) the willingness to use it, and c) the absolute certainty that the assault will not be retributed. I can imagine dozens of strategies to eliminate at least 2 of these presuppositions in any hostile nation.

The social aspect implicates that heterosexuals really do hate us to the extent they would attempt to exterminate us despite losses of personnell and material on their side. Need I say that the mere acknowledgement of these murderous intents reveals little trust into the results of the "equality struggle"?

On a more generall level, I must say that there is a certain fear of living, a kind of self-containment wide-spread among our people. There is this fear of taking the life "by the horns", of unconditionally claiming one's birth right and taking advantage of everything the world has to offer. Certainly, an indipendent Gay state might have enemies, but so does every other state too, you know? Each and everything in this universum has a certain price to pay for if one desires to take advantage of it. Visibility has its price. Coming out has its price. Freedom and a self-determined life have their price, too. The price is the inconvenience of assuming responsibility over oneselves as adults.

Well, all ideas are "ridiculous" to the extent that they are capable of being ridiculed. It's a transitive thing... something you do, not an inherent quality. Like all forms of humor, ridicule has its place and purpose.

I am rather puzzled by this idea that a "central location" would make it easier to target us for extermination. The concept seems to me contrary to everything I've ever been taught about strategy. It is generally diffuse positions that are indefensible.

Perhaps I'm ill-informed... it wouldn't be the first time.

Personally, I'd prefer to see other issues tackled in the gay community.  Issues like racism, sexism and homophobia within the gay community.

Moreover, having gay people centrally located, so to speak, would make it that more easier to target us for extermination.    >:(


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