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Author Topic: Introduction and "A Personal Declaration of Support for a Gay and Lesbian Nation  (Read 5679 times)

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Greetings to all!

After a few years of studying Gay nationalism and being inspired by it, I decided the time has come for me to formally "come out" for it. Below is a personal statement I prepared and am in the process of circulating among fellows and sympathizer in which I explain my reasons for joining the cause. 

Sage One

A Personal Declaration of Support for a Gay and Lesbian Nation

Allow me to begin by openly declaring that I am personally committed to the eventual establishment of an independent Gay and Lesbian nation. As the popular expression goes, “there, I said it!” To answer the first question that will probably come to most people’s minds, yes; I am absolutely serious. Now, before I explain, allow me to first assure you that I have not been radicalized over the internet nor seduced into some sort of gnostic sectarian cult.

As some of you already know, the idea of a Lesbian and Gay nation has intrigued me for some time. However, the formidable challenges presented by such an undertaking resulted in some serious internal reservations on my part. Though such a nation could theoretically be built and sustained, could the benefits ever outweigh the effort?  After devoting some time to research and serious thought, I believe the answer is yes.

Recent events in Russia have helped me put much in perspective. With things not going his way, Putin enacted a time tested method for promoting distraction and solidarity at the same time – going after the Gays. But Russia is really a dictatorship rather than a true democracy and therefore an outlier right? Such a thing could not possibly happen in a “stable” democracy like the U.S. correct? Well, considering the events of the 2000 election and that in reality the U.S. is a plutocracy masquerading as a democracy, I’m not so sure. Do we underestimate Tea Party supporters and the armed militias growing along our southern borders?

Contrary to our Western progressive bias, progress is not sustained in a linear fashion. In the context of multiple victories for Gay rights during the past few years, the temptation among Westerner Gays to believe that the battle has been won once and for all is understandable. However, Gay and Lesbian people have repeatedly lost and gained status throughout history. One would be naïve to believe that these oscillating trends will not continue. History has shown that attitudes and circumstances can shift very rapidly, even in developed nations. Examples are abundant. Under the mistaken impression that their German nationality would protect them, homosexuals in Berlin, once the Gay Capital of the world, went from celebrations to concentration camps practically overnight. Cold War paranoia ended the practice of “looking the other way” often used during the War years in both the U.S. and U.K. and brought McCarthyism and persecution crashing down. The later 20th Century brought us neo-con political posses and the relentless rabid radical Right. Also, let’s not forget centuries of inquisitions and heresy trials often initiated to help satisfy the political ambitions of theocratic fascists.

What I have realized is that without a sovereign Gay and Lesbian state, one way or another, Lesbian and Gay people will always be a minority subculture at the mercy of a dominant majority. The resulting dynamic of course may vary from nation to nation and from one era to the next. The relationship between Gay minority and non-Gay majority in a given nation state may be one of cooperation and shared agendas or one of oppression and resistance. Regardless of whether the relationship within a given nation-state between the non-Gay majority and the Lesbian and Gay minority is a positive or negative one, the Gay and Lesbian subcultures will always be subject to intervention from the dominate majority. This worldwide status quo prevents Gay and Lesbian people from being able to truly assert themselves as independent agents when promoting their own collective interests in global affairs.

Let us not forget that homosexuality is still regarded as a serious crime throughout much of Africa and the Islamic world. A crime that is punishable by execution, imprisonment, lashings, or the vigilante practice known as “corrective rape.” A sovereign Gay and Lesbian nation could mean refuge from these violent persecutions.

A sovereign Gay and Lesbian nation could mean an independent Lesbian and Gay voice in the world during this Global Age. It could mean the uninhibited growth of a unique culture. It could mean continuity of traditions and heritage free of hegemonic intrusion. Harvey Milk once referred to us as a “global tribe.” Perhaps it is time for our tribe to become a nation?

Hence forth, I intend to shift the focus of my activism toward working with the Gay Homeland Foundation; a think tank devoted to the founding of a Gay and Lesbian nation. I am under no illusions of the monumental task I am committing myself to. My hope is that an independent Gay and Lesbian state will one day take its place among the nations of the world. This may not happen in my lifetime, but perhaps a future generation will be able to see what we begin through to completion. Perhaps the task will prove impossible. The effort will not have been in vain. Even if the goal is only met half way, we will arrive at a better place because of it.

“We must get outside the system of mechanized insanity and we must manifest our own world.”  – I Am: Oracle of Gay Emmaus

“God save the Stonewall Nation” – Don Jackson
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