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New Flyers available


I am wondering if anyone would like to volunteer to design one to appeal to the Lesbian community? My intention is not to be divisive; quite the opposite in fact. I believe that a “one size fits all” approach tends to weaken artist edge and which limits appeal. Instead of ignoring our differences let’s take advantage of them.

If you always wanted to help us to spread the word but didn't know how - we have beatifull new Flyers for you, for printing out and distribution!

You can print out them in your local copy shop or order them online. Here are the files:

Flyer 2013 (US Letter 8½ × 11, 216 × 279 mm)

Flyer 2013 (US Letter 8½ × 11 with a "bleed" area, 222 × 286 mm)

Thanks to Jacob & Dan for designing!


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