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Author Topic: Hypothetical Scenario #1  (Read 3237 times)

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Hypothetical Scenario #1
« Reply #1 on: Mon, Feb 10, 2014, 08:38 »

As promised in the "Come Together Event" thread in the Announcements section:

The background to the scenario begins in the near future. A “One World” themed queer cultural event is held in a rural location in the United States and attracts LGBT participants from around the world. Purely by coincidence, a biological agent is unleashed in several cities throughout select parts of the world simultaneously resulting in massive civilian casualties. Panic ensued, especially in urban areas. Travel ceased as nations entered into a state of lock down, stranding attendees. A nearby faerie sanctuary and a Lesbian separatist community both reached out to assist those who were stranded with temporary food and shelter but found their resources strained as urban LGBTs joined the makeshift camp after fleeing a nearby city. Other Lesbian separatist communities and faerie sanctuaries offered assistance. Metropolitan Community Church coordinated a temporary relocation effort which helped transport GLBT refugees, by this point numbering well into the thousands, from the original camp to these other various rural locations throughout the nation. The process greatly strengthened LGBT community spirit.

Meanwhile, rushes to judgment by various world governments over the source of the attack lead to armed conflict which quickly escalated to a limited nuclear exchange. Several urban areas were destroyed as a result. Though the conflict was short lived, tension and hostilities remained high. Civil rights and liberties, including those for LGBT people, ceased to be a major concern within the changed volatile world. Anti-Gay bigotry which had continued to linger just below the surface of Western Civilization for years, once again became openly acceptable in most nations. Canada, which had sustained significantly less damage and fewer casualties compared to other nations, was better able to hold to its ideals and granted asylum to record numbers of Gays thus swelling the GLBT population of North America.

In order to counter act the negative effects radiation had on reproductive health, biotech companies, with the backing of both the Canadian and U.S. governments, refined gene therapy treatments. Unfortunately, as a result of unforeseen consequences, combined gene therapies made non-LGBTs particularly vulnerable to a new global pandemic which decimated heterosexual populations.

Canada, its population in decline and fearing the growing influence of radical Christian evangelical militias in the U.S., allowed creation of a self-governing Gay and Lesbian province along its southern border. Understanding that there is strength in numbers and recognizing other benefits of centralizing, GLBT person from North America and abroad began migrating to the newly formed province. LGBT culture flourished like never before.

Shortly after settlement began, a religious backed military coup dismantled the last democratically elected U.S. government and established a theocracy. To the north, Canada’s position was further weakened by the succession of Quebec. Facing a hostile theocracy and unable to rely on the Canada for defense aid, the newly founded Gay and Lesbian meritocracy restricted the siphoning of the province’s resources and soon thereafter declared independence from Canada.

At present, the new nation’s most immediate challenge is the threat created by competing theocratic dictatorships in the lands once known as the United States.
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