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Hypothetical Scenario #2


I decided to start this one off and see if anyone else is willing to carry it on.

During the early years of the 21th Century, a small group of young disillusioned eccentric Queer misfit friends with a desire for more control over their lives formed a live-work labor collective in a U.S. city. The collective, a legally recognized corporation, slowly grew and over the course of a decade had doubled in size. Taking advantage of a labor shortage in Greenland, the collective bid on and won a service sector contract in the region. The collective doubled its size once again in order to maintain its permanent base of operation in the U.S. and what it thought would be a temporary one in Greenland. During the early months, there was some shifting of personnel. A few had difficulty adjusting to the harsh climate. Some longed to return to the urban scene while others which to escape it. Thus the collective was able to swap-out staff without subcontracting and therefore able to maintain an all Queer staff. A small group of mutual friends vacationing in Iceland decided to visit their friends in Greenland as a side adventure prior to returning. While visiting, one came up with the idea of starting a small Gay and Lesbian tourist operation in what most saw as a mere frozen wasteland...

Anyone want to take it from here?


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