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 on: Mon, Feb 10, 2014, 07:47 
Started by Sage - Last post by Sage
We canít really work out the logistics of a scenario until we have decided on an exact location and have an idea of the approximate number of attendees. In the meantime we could work toward creating hypothetical context for scenarios in order to get the creative juices flowing. I think the best way to start is to imagine ourselves as members of some sort of all Gay colony, tribe, settlement, nation, etc. Then ponder the following questions: Who are we? Where are we? How did we come to be? Once some ideas are established, the scenario can be worked out by pondering what immediate challenges our imagined society is facing. Some possibilities that come to mind involve: 1) A sea-borne nation in the near future, 2) Survivors of a cataclysmic living in an all Gay fortress settlement in a post-apocalyptic world, 3) Settle of a non-Earth environment such as Mars, the moon, or an orbiting Gay made city in space. I will develop a scenario to serve as an example and post it once completed.

 on: Sat, Feb 08, 2014, 07:27 
Started by Sage - Last post by Feral
I agree with you.

But first--

One of the few books that changed the way I think about everything was Bionomics.

I'm sure it's frightfully dated by now, but thinking about businesses in an almost biological context struck me as eminently sensible. I still find myself drawing parallels to what I read there today. Of course, it's been decades, and it would be more accurate to say "what I think I remember reading."

On the surface, those communities seem to have an issue with immigration policy. Some places are quite concerned about limiting immigration. Others are, or have been, concerned about promoting it. The separatist communities may not be getting new members because they are too hidden from view.

Communities have to grow to survive. They don't necessarily have to grow larger. They can have daughter communities, satellites, colonies. In theory, if the foundation of such a community is both desirable and functional, it spreads and spreads until it exhausts either its desirability or its functionality.

McDonald's, Walmart, and Starbucks are business examples. Functionality isn't an issue here. Regardless of what someone might think of their business practices, they have clearly worked very well and show little sign of failing. All three, however, are showing signs of having exhausted potential locations for continued expansion. Only so many people can want cheeseburgers and coffee, and once everyone has these commodities, there's nowhere else to expand to.

A very likely source of weakness in the communities in that report is the apparent requirement for financial independence. Financially independent people have many options, and they may well choose not to participate in such a community. There may, however, be thousands of poor women who very much would like to join such a community, but cannot afford to do so.

That said, I don't have any personal knowledge of these thousands. I assume they must exist, but they may not exist. We do have a generation that has come of age not seeing a relevant distinction between themselves and the straight majority.

I have to admit that there may no longer be one. I don't believe that, but my marriage certificate suggests that it is the case. When I file my taxes this year, those will also support the claim, as will the (shocking) refund check. My employers are quite unconcerned about my orientation. They ask after my husband's well-being to the same extent and in the same way as they ask after the relatives of the straight employees. My landlord is downright solicitous. In my personal situation, very few things that I believed to be true when I was 21 are demonstrably true today. The youngsters may actually be right for a change, and I may believe things that are no longer true out of habit.

As to what should be done: abandon the old dogmas and rhetoric. Consider function instead. People have needs, and they seek to fill those needs. Some of what people chase after is what they think they want, and what they think they ought to want. People change their minds, and New Year's resolutions are disavowed, but actual needs remain. If a program, community, or movement serves actual needs, it will be desirable. If that desirable social structure is also functional, it will thrive.

Now, if I knew how to do either of those two things, I'd be substantially wealthier than I am.

 on: Sat, Feb 08, 2014, 03:44 
Started by Sage - Last post by Sage
I recently stumbled upon the following article on the present state of Lesbian separatism:

I believe the reported difficulties reflect a larger and mostly unrecognized problem facing the LGBT population. The problem is that we have a generation coming of age of which the majority do not see a distinction between themselves and their non LGBT peers. A generation born of assimilation if you will. I admit I am at a loss as to what should be done about it.

 on: Fri, Feb 07, 2014, 15:09 
Started by Sage - Last post by Sage
I think you just added a whole new concept to the term "subversive activist."

 on: Fri, Feb 07, 2014, 15:03 
Started by Sage - Last post by Mogul
As for captives... Hmmm. What should we do with them?

I was thinking rather of an ancient Greek custom: a captive enemy soldier could escape execution if somebody wanted to marry him.  ;D

 on: Tue, Feb 04, 2014, 19:01 
Started by Sage - Last post by Sage
All are excellent ideas. "Order of Meriti," "Legion of Theben;" those terms alone give me an adrenaline rush of pride. I agree that continuous education is important, especially since those who share our philosophy tend to be marginalized in, if not omitted, from the LGBT historical narrative.

 on: Tue, Feb 04, 2014, 18:50 
Started by Sage - Last post by Sage
I want to point out a potentially over looked achievement. To the best of my knowledge, the Gay Homeland Foundation is the longest continuous organization specifically devoted to Gay self-determination. This is an accomplishment worthy of some pride. Historically, organizations devoted to LGBT self-determination have been short lived. Individuals seem to have a tendency to quickly lose momentum when results are inevitably not immediately apparent. I admit that I find this somewhat perplexing considering that historically, nations are built over the course of a few generations (at least) rather than a few months or years. Nonetheless, that is the pattern. However, unlike its processors, GHF has held together thanks in large part to the long term commitment of a dedicated few. Those of you who have persevered deserve to be saluted!

 on: Mon, Feb 03, 2014, 04:36 
Started by Feral - Last post by Sage
Is anyone still around who speaks Polari?

 on: Sun, Feb 02, 2014, 02:05 
Started by Sage - Last post by Sage
As for captives... Hmmm. What should we do with them? I was reading "prepper" boards recently in search of Gay survivalists. I don't recall what the issue that was discussed in one particular thread but some Teabag type threatened that opponents would be dressed up as Nancy Pelosi and publically spanked. I suppose that's one option. Of course for our purposes, Nancy Pelosi might not be the best choice of disguise. What about Michelle Bachmann, Anne Coulter, Rick Santorum, or that Duck Dynasty dude? Of course classic antagonist such as Anita Bryant and Pat Robertson can be relied upon as well.

 on: Sun, Feb 02, 2014, 01:38 
Started by Sage - Last post by Sage
Does anyone have experience with live action role-play or know anyone who does?

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