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Author Topic: The Falklands  (Read 10478 times)

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Re: The Falklands
« Reply #3 on: Sat, Mar 04, 2006, 20:31 »

To preserve the original issue of this thread ("Falklands"), a part of the replies were split off into a separate thread. You can find these contributions now in this trhread:

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Soaking Sock

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Re: The Falklands
« Reply #2 on: Sat, Feb 25, 2006, 19:37 »

Dear friends,

I'm afraid of this scenario : even if the UK will ever give up claims on the Falklands,
then the fleet of Argentinia will be there within 3 days and take it. And I think Argentinia is not Great Britain, they won't care if you have 30.000 Gayhomelanders there or 3000 Britains; They'll take it and celebrate their "victory".
The Falklands are linked as well to the British and the Argentinian claims in Antartica, both countrys will not waive on the natural ressources there.
And the problem with the Falklands is the problem everywhere : No country will give you a squaremetre, I think.
We'll have to conquer space by settlements in continental Europe where the dying Democracies will give way to us, as well as they give way to the Islamists, if we only make enough noise or use violence if needed.
Our people are dying around the world. Even in the U.S. the rate of suicides within the teenagers is 2-3 times higher than those of the "straight" ; every day gay people are killed in the Arabic countries, in India, in China....
my point of view is this : I don't care about the feelings of the Mullahs or China's "communist" Party. I think we waste time with discussions. My opinion is this :
Let's conquer Germany ! Let us "abuse" all the "Gay Rights" this country has ever given to us to infiltrate this and take it !

Soaking Sock



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The Falklands
« Reply #1 on: Mon, Oct 17, 2005, 17:58 »

The best ideas are born in the shower, so some people feel...  :WN

Well, I have been doing a lot of research on the Falkland Islands as of late. I think it has a lot of positives for us, such as lots of land, currently a colony of the UK which they would like to eventually grant home rule to (opportune!) and a sufficient land mass to expand on. Problems, yes - as with all ideas. There is a population of 3,000+ there, although about 1,500 of those are UK armed forces. The climate is actually quite acceptable although not tropical.  Remote, not extremely, but somewhat (but that may also be a positive). This should be worthy of some discussion here. I am going to add a few relevant links so you can go look at what there is there and let's discuss this...   

Some folks objected to this suggestion since Clipperton seems more ideal to them. I like Clipperton's location more, but it is very small. Then again, should a possible location for a still-to-be-created homeland be dictated by the size of the landmass? Debate, people, debate!!!  :!! - Start here - Government website - See more here - Another portal - The basics  :W - Stamp collectors will revel in this one - Lonely Planet's view - The "Green" view - The entrepreneurial view - Historical facts and interesting data - The war between the UK and Argentina over control in 1982   :=SU - Cheap flights there - The original "Falklands Island Company" website - Yes, Virginia, they actually had a railroad on the Falklands once... click on Page 11 from the home page to learn more  :R
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