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Author Topic: Cape Town, South Africa the Gay capital of Africa. Can it become the Gay capital  (Read 4081 times)

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The Gay and Lesbian Economic power house in Africa, Cape Town.
« Reply #2 on: Sun, Feb 26, 2006, 19:13 »

Welcome to South Africa’s Gay Capital Cape Town.
Where the FUN never sets and the MOOD is always FULL

Hi Guys.

Would all of you members be so kind as to let me know, what would
you like to be added to our Group that could make a difference and give you a better understanding about The Gay and Lesbian Life in South Africa.

I have started a Gay Group on Yahoo to make it easier to discuss what is required. Please feel free to join and post what ever is on your heart.
Click the link
Visit the link pages and see for yourself.

I had a dream and a vision that Cape Town, South Africa could become the Gay and Lesbian Economic Capital of the Gay and Lesbian World. South Africa has the infrastructure to support many forms of Business and Tourism. With two major harbors one in Cape Town and the other in Durban and two international standard Airports, Cape Town and Johannesburg why should it not work.

It is also known that South African’s in general have accepted the Gay community as part of us and if you ever visit Cape Town, you would see that there are no forms of Gay bashing at all. We have actually designed an entire section of Cape Town called “ De Water Kant as a little Gay village “

We have a very strong agricultural sector, mining, and a steady growing economy. Tourism and trade plays a huge roll in the economy. A lot of foreign investors are currently investing in the property markets by buying up old huge houses and turning it into Holiday and Guest Houses for the tourist industry.

Another known fact is that South Africa is blessed in a certain form that we do not have a lot serious Natural Disasters. Yes there is crime but that is all over the world.

I would like all of us to work together to make the World a Gay and Lesbian friendly environment.

For the Business executives please feel free to post any Trade Queries you might have. I will try and link you with either suppliers or buyers of your products or services.

You see that is what makes my Group so special. In this group we are going to be building a Gay and Lesbian world trade market of note. Soon I would like to discuss the possibility of starting a Gay and Lesbian Trade organization. We have always been treated as outcasts but it is time that the criticizing world realize that we also have a huge market share and input in the world economy........

Thank You


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Welcome to South Africa’s Gay Capital Cape Town.
Where the FUN never sets and the MOOD is always FULL.

Hi to you all, my name is Marius Gaybba born and living in Cape Town the Gay Capital of South Africa. I realized that there was a special requirement for some form of companion information service to all foreign Gay and Lesbian Business Executives, Tourist and Investors traveling to and from South Africa.
I would now like to offer my Executive Travel services based on 18 years experience in the Leisure industry to those who want to experience South Africa and be treated as Royalty. Come and experience the wealth of beauty of South Africa with my Executive Companion, Butler, Bodyguard and Chauffeur service on a 24 / 7 basis at your side.
 After months of negotiations with many Hoteliers, Guest Houses, Restaurants, Bars and Lodges I was able to put some information together that I hereby would like to share with you via my newly formed Executive Companion Group, on Yahoo.

The purpose of this Group would be to share information like what’s new, what’s on and what’s not in the Worlds friendliest Gay and Lesbian destination. South Africa, This is a new market to explore and it has so much to offer from Wild Game Farms, Mother Nature at its best, Visits to some of the Worlds leading Wine Estates, World Class Accommodation, Some of the Worlds Breathtaking Sight seeing and Beaches. Another reality about South Africa is that we are a country with actually very little to no Natural disasters. I would now like to request all Gay foreigners to join our group so we can assist you in finding new Business, Hotels, and Accommodation. We can also discuss problems as far as Traveling, Safety and Security, and other general information. 
This is also a platform to discuss the Do’s and Don’ts about South Africa. Let us stand together and unite Gays and Lesbians alike from around the world to help one another travel freely throughout this beautiful country with all its friendly inhabitants. South Africa is a growing market with such a huge potential for trade and tourism. 
So go ahead just click the link above and see what is on offer.
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