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Author Topic: Gay Characters in the Star-Trek Fan Fiction hidden Frontiers  (Read 5971 times)

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Gay Characters in the Star-Trek Fan Fiction hidden Frontiers
« Reply #1 on: Tue, Jul 04, 2006, 19:04 »

While Star Trek was always promoting ineterracial and interspecies understanding and acceptance, gay characters were actually completely absent in the world of the 24th century. Now a Fan Fiction complany ( is producing a more realistic ;D version of Star Trek with some (cute) gay staff members. A nice law budget production which remembers us of the good old times when the pointe was more important than special effects.  :!!

Source: Gay New Zealand

"Deflector screens down! Star Trek: Hidden Frontier
30JUN06 - Craig Young        
Last year, I dumped heavily on Star Trek for never having had any openly lesbian and gay characters for its five series duration. However, one fan film production company has boldly gone into uncharted same-sex relationship territory. So, what is Hidden Frontier?
As a fan film production, it isn't produced by Paramount, responsible for four out of the five official Star Trek franchises. Instead, Blue Seraph, its production company, relies on new visual production and distribution methods made possible by the spread of information technology and Internet access. Technically, Paramount still has intellectual property rights over the general Star Trek universe, but as long as the fans keep alive an audience for the franchise as a whole, they seem to look the other way.
Hidden Frontier is set in the twenty-fourth century, at the same time as Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager. However, its own location is Deep Space Twelve, a United Federation of Planets outpost orbiting Ba'Ku, adjacent to the "Briar Patch,' so named for the multiple navigation and access hazards that render most of that sector unexplored. Hidden Frontier has been going its own way for the last six years, and began nonprofit production in 2000.
In its entry on (the absence of) LGBT characters in the Star Trek universe, Wikipedia has a comprehensive record on the trials and tribulations that the late Star Trek series creator, successive TNG, Voyager and Enterprise cast members, and lesbian, gay and liberal straight fans have had with conservative production personnel who have insured that no out recurring or core cast characters end up lesbian or gay. While Deep Space Nine featured some lesbian and bisexual female characters, they were residents of the "Mirror Universe," the totalitarian evil counterpart to the primary Star Trek universe, and gave rise to associations between homosexuality/bisexuality, moral corruption and political authoritarianism.
As for Hidden Frontier, it has not one but four gay male core cast members! Lieutenant Commander Corey Aster is current chief engineer of the USS Excelsior, while Lieutenant Jorian Zen is a member of the symbiotic Trill species, and currently in a triangular relationship with Aster and Lieutenant Ro Nevin, a Bajoran. Aster is in a relationship with Zen, but also wants Ro Nevin, who is conflicted about his sexual identity, unlike Aster and Zen, who have kissed. Then there's Lieutenant Commander Andrew Barrett, who also loves Zen, but is missing, presumed lost, in the wilds of the Briar Patch.
So, why haven't LGBT non-Trekkers heard about this beforehand? It might be because Trek fan media has been the primary forum for the adventures of the fan film production, although it has recently also garnered a sentence in the New York Times, and sympathetic coverage on the LGBT entertainment website, AfterElton. True, Blue Seraph gets the odd grizzle from social conservative fans, but these are outweighed by the supportive feedback from LGBT and liberal straight followers of the series.
If you're able, watch some episodes on their website, and decide for yourself."

The video files are all in the *.mov format, you can download and watch them with the Quick Time player. Broadband connection is highly recommended.
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