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Author Topic: Victory is assured!  (Read 3880 times)

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Victory is assured!
« Reply #1 on: Sat, Jul 28, 2007, 00:22 »

Hi everybody, i was thinking of starting a movement like this myself eventually XD. Ever since i read about the gay kingdom of the coral sea i started thinking of the creation of a proper gay homeland, with cities and everything (and not just a fancy protest). This eventually evolved into a comic called Agent Smoke. On the surface it's just badly drawn porn and (eventually) car chases, but there will be other stories with the same setting eventually.

Basically "my" gay homeland is called Homonia, and is founded in 2040 in a big rectangle of land in Siberia (bordering the sea of Okhotsk). It is governed by a form of Fascism which allows freedom of speech, but has banned religion, and places a great emphasis on scientific progress, especially in medicine. Also it's flag is plain black rather than some ridiculous rainbow thing with pink male and female symbols intertwined, this is to symbolise both the black shirts of fascism and remembering the "honourary citizens" of Homonia who died before their time when they didnt have a country to escape to. Other important things in Homonia are non-polluting energy sources which rely on foreign imports of energy as little as possible (basically wind and solar power) and using human ingenuity and technology to solve problems (ie rising sea levels? build huge walls, bad weather for food growing? build big hydroponic greenhouses). It also prides itself on "perfect" cars, which are as reliable as modern japanese ones but they look like 50's "jukeboxes" and must make a minimum of 70db of V6 thumping when idling XD.

Anyway, i can't see anybody in a real gay homeland movement agreeing with my Davros-like vision of a gay country, so further outrage yourself at these links: (the comic, contains badly drawn sex) (more info on the country, society and characters in the comic)
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